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Roaming Acres Farm is located in Lafayette, New Jersey. The rolling hills of Sussex County provide ideal pastures for raising our Berkshire Hogs, Bison, Chickens, and Ostrich.

Independently owned & operated, Todd Appelbaum began raising ostrich in 1993 expanding Roaming Acres into the operation it is today. Todd and the entire Roaming Acres Team is committed to providing a humane, pasture-raised alternative to conventionally raised meat. Whether it’s direct to consumer, mail order, or wholesale, we deliver the highest quality USDA inspected meat & pet products across the nation.

The Roaming Acres farm store is open daily from 10:00am – 4:00pm, can be found at some of the top rated Farmers Markets in New York, New Jersey, and Manhattan, online 24/7 at Roaming Acres farm welcomes visitors daily to watch us in action, and take in the amazing views. While visiting select from our choice meats and eggs- chicken eggs and when in season Ostrich eggs and Emu Eggs, for a well-balanced and nutritious meal.

Todd is a Board Member of the American Ostrich Association,, the Berkshire Hogs Association,, and the National Bison Association,

Roaming Acres is committed to providing quality and integrity in every service we provide. We look forward to serving you and your family.

Our Story


Roaming Acres strives to bring our customers the highest quality meats available.  Nothing but the best for you and your family.  All of our products are raised in a stress free environment on a 100% vegetarian diet.  We care about our animals and the land they are raised on. All our sausages have NO NITRATES and all our meats are USDA inspected and processed.

Our Sustainability

Berkshire Pork originates from the English County of Berkshire.  It is a 300 year old breed that was initially raised for royalty.  They are known for quality meat production and prized for juiciness, flavor and tenderness.    The meat is heavily marbled and has a rich pink color.   You can taste the difference.

Bison is Americas original Red Meat.  It is often referred to a buffalo.   Bison certainly is a part of the bovine family, but not closely related to beef.   It is the largest mammal in North America and can grow to 2000 pounds.

The beauty of Bison as a meat product is that it is much leaner than beef, yet cooking is quite interchangeable.  It has the flavor and texture of beef, but is much healthier with regards to less calories, less fat and more protein.  It is also rich in iron, zinc, vitamin B12, omega 3 fats and the antioxidant selenium.    Many are quite amazed to have these magnificent creatures are raised in New Jersey.

Because these feathery foul are raised out of doors with lots of fresh air and exercise, they produce more muscle than fat.   They are free roaming on herbicide and pesticide free grasses in a stress free environment.   Free range chickens have a high protein content, higher omega 3’s and a superior meat quality than conventional cage chickens.   Our chickens (both regular and kosher) have a juicy, rich flavor that is noticeable to the discerning diner.

The largest bird on the planet is quite a unique and beautiful animal.   Amazingly, the bird is totally red meat and any beef recipe can be used interchangeably.   Ostrich is a healthier option for Red Meat.  Because it is indeed poultry, it is low in fat, calories and cholesterol – lower than chicken.  It is higher in iron and protein than beef.   Healthy all the way around.  Low in saturated fats and NO Trans fats.  Today’s health conscious world allows the meat lover the pleasure of a great steak with the nutritional benefits comparable or better than poultry.   Ostrich is endorsed by the American Diabetes Association and recommended by the American Heart Association and American Cancer Association.

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