Ostriches are the largest birds in the world. They are flightless birds that come from the Ratite family. This may not sound appetizing so far but read on my friends and learn what you don’t know about ostrich meat and why you should try this delectable exotic meat.

Ostrich Ground can be cooked just as you would cook ground beef.


Exotic meat need not come from Africa or far off lands. How about New Jersey? Yes, good old Jersey is home to an ostrich farm that raises ostrich for your consumption. Where, you might ask? At our farm, Roaming Acres in Lafayette, New Jersey.

Did you know that Ostrich is a red meat? It has a dark cherry color.

Marinated Ostrich Steak

Did you know that Ostrich is lower in calories than chicken? To quote the USDA “The latest in meat products is now from the Ratite family of flightless birds. It’s lean and tastes like beef but contains much less fat. In fact, ratite meat is even lower in calories than chicken and turkey”.

Ostrich meat is becoming a part of balanced diets. It allows meat lovers a healthy, nutritious meat source, and it tastes great! It is more expensive than beef but the price is justifiable due to the health benefits. Plus, it’s cool to say you eat ostrich.

Ostrich Meat Health Benefits:

  • Low in Cholesterol
  • High in Iron
  • High in Protein
  • High in Vitamin B-12
  • 2/3 less fat than beef
  • There are more nutritional benefits but these are the highlights

Roaming Acres ostrich are humanely raised without hormones and antibiotics. They are free range, crazy birds that love to run around. We process our ostriches at USDA facilities.

What kind of ostrich meat do we offer:

You can purchase our ostrich meat at any of our Farmer’s Market locations, at our Farm Store or on our online store at www.roamingacres.com.

Ostrich Casareccio: A rustic salame, slightly sweet with fresh garlic and a delicate red wine flavor.

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